Who is The Self-Love Student?

Self-Care Expert + Mindset Coach + Licensed Therapist

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My Self-Love Journey

My self-love journey started just when yours began….when I was just a little girl, so many of you probably relate to my journey as well.

When we are young, we absorb and recognize different narratives and beliefs from our environment, both positive and negative. I was very observant at a young age and recognized that several important people in my life were unhappy with their appearance, their confidence, and their lives. I recognized how people close to me would idolize and critique people in the media based on their hair, weight, shoes, clothes, and everything in between.

I struggled with disordered eating in high school, which carried on into my college years…sometimes, it still decides to rear its ugly head, but now I have the skills and ability to not allow myself to be consumed and preoccupied with food. I have learned to detach from society’s ideals to create my own healthy and balanced narratives about food and body image.

It wasn’t until I attended NYU for my undergraduate degree that I began to recognize how and why I developed such low self-esteem and poor body-image. While at NYU, I studied media, communication, gender studies, and psychology where I took a deep dive into how our childhood and the media shape our view of not only the world, but how our self-image is created and maintained.

After NYU, I went and received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Hofstra University. During graduate school, I struggled with my confidence and work ability. I was the only one in my cohort who did not major in psychology, which made me feel like I was not good enough to succeed, while in reality, it set me apart and gave me a unique perspective. It is this unique perspective that has allowed me to help hundreds of people improve their mindset and their lives.

My Story

Hi all! My name is Ariana Lombardo, and I am a licensed therapist and a mindset coach! I have been on this journey called life for the last 29 years. For the majority of my life, I have struggled with poor body image, disordered eating, body dysmorphia, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and perfectionism…just to name a few.

Over the last nine years, I have made it my personal mission to rid myself of the negative narratives and beliefs that kept me trapped in a negative mindset and it is now my mission to help you do the same!

I have done all of the research for you, I have read all of the self-help books for you! With that research, I have learned the most successful ways to reprogram ourselves to become more opened, accepting, compassionate, and loving towards not only ourselves, but the others around us…Trust me THIS IS A GAME CHANGER!

Being human is difficult and it does not come with a manual! You deserve to live a full and happy life, but it is hard to do when you are stuck in your head, repeating the same negative stories you have about not only yourself, but the world.

Only you can truly help yourself to make lasting impacts on your happiness, but I can help you commit to doing so and guide you through personalized coaching sessions to push you out of your comfort zone into a place where you will finally feel at home within yourself. 

Currently, I work as a licensed marriage and family therapist at a group practice where I see individuals, couples, and families. This is why I have begun putting more effort into growing my coaching business, which allows me to help a more specific group of women who are dedicated to putting in the time and work to make ever-lasting changes to their lives.